Yes, some of us call it this. YOBSN is going to be the biggest free money making machine ever offered on the internet.

By simply giving people your own branded social network page you and they will make money. How does it work you ask.

Simply download the free home page, enjoy all the free features, chat, chirp, email, discussion groups, movies, music, blogging, news,  the free products available to download, the learn how to videos on Excel, Word, WordPress, twitter, facebook, and much more. The games, The prizes, The Smart Points, The first reward shop to spend your point in, your top sites section and so much more.

As a an Ultimate member you can make money from all the free uses you have given this free home page too. How good is that? Make money for giving away a free product.

Earn up to 16 income streams if you so desire the choice is yours.

See how YOBSN can be your own branded social network in this short video:

Check out the business at or


to start earning your reward points and enjoy a great social page full of value and prizes to win.


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