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Another Pay Level with YOBSN

Another Pay Level with YOBSN


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Game Company Opens at Half a Billion Dollars in the First 2 hours!

King Digital, creator of the immensely popular Candy Crush Saga game, made an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the

New York Stock Exchange. They opened at $22.50 per share and sold 22.2 million shares at that price ($499.5 million)

in the first few hours.

People already testing our YOBSN Games are reporting that

they are every bit as good as, if not better than the world’s

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Mobile Games  Earn Reward Points & Prizes with these games OR make money on your free members. Image if Facebook did this. How powerful is this one pay level. There are many more. I will add every day or Join for free and check it out yourself.


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about YOBSN. So much has happened that it has been hard to report everything.

We have had so many new improvements that this is going to go like a bush fire when it is complete.

The latest has been the release of mobile & tablet apps to all YOBSN owners.

5 Games Available on the YOBSN Mobile Platform


 All five of these games are now available on both iOS (Apple) and Android devices and are being enjoyed with incredibly high quality graphics and amazing gameplay.

The thing to keep in mind is that not only will these games attract Free Members, but have been carefully designed to provide considerable revenue streams in their own right from the in-game purchases.

 None of these games were developed by third party developers and then “white labelled” – NO! – All of them were developed entirely in house by the YOBSN Games Development team. We defined the concepts, our artists created the graphics and our programmers, project managers and internal beta testers carefully sculpted our ideas into reality. Then they were sent out to our larger group of members who test and review the games and give us valuable feedback. Each of these games has features that work with our Social Network and member’s back office, both of which we created from the very first line of code. Each developer, artist, programmer, project manager, and the staff members who carefully create the text and graphical specifications for each game have put in a huge amount of passion to make each game the very best of it’s genre. The quality workmanship is extremely high and was used for every tiny detail in order to create Mobile Games that are unquestionably some of the most fun and addictive games in the industry.

Run Bunny RunIn Run Bunny Run you help a Mother to be reunited with her children. Dodging everything from stampeding elephants to to motorbikes and service trucks hauling carrots you make sure that all is well with this family. The humour filled graphics are designed to make this a very family friendly game, fun for children and adults of all ages. It is already becoming a favorite among our testers. Run Bunny Run is available on all iOS (Apple) mobile devices and all Android devices.

Bubble ChampionShooting down those pesky bubbles in Bubble Champion will keep everyone involved while you save the kingdom for the fun animals. Bubble Champion is more than just fun as it teaches matching skills, angles and strategy to the players. It helps everyone to recognize and respond quickly in a rewarding game environment. Bubble Champion has been called: “The most beautiful bubble game ever produced!” Bubble Champion is available on all iOS (Apple) mobile devices and all Android devices. We are looking to release it on the Apple store for all members as our first game to be officially released and we are relying on the feedback from our testers to tell us when it’s ready. So far the feedback has been awesome and we are just finishing up the new storyline scenes (beautifully animated cutscenes) of the game before it’s official debut. (Yes players, it’s getting even better!) All of the beautiful new hand drawn and animated cut scene graphics are nearly complete.

Ultra SpaceBallUltra Spaceball is the sleeper and causes the most sleepless nights. It has so many levels and as the player gets better and better the levels just get more and more fun. This is a game that can really keep you interested for hours at a time. Ultra Spaceball is available on all iOS (Apple) mobile devices and all Android devices.

Discovery AdventureDiscovery Adventure just keeps evolving with improved graphics and improved gameplay. This hidden objects game will be the first game to have matching prizes that allows players to receive great prizes AND also the person who referred them who is not playing! Two prizes are granted, one to the player who Discovers the prize in the game and another prize to the person who referred them. I would invite as many friends as I knew who were, so I could increase my chances of winning a prize, as the person who referred them. Discovery Adventure is available on iOS (Apple) tablets, but not on the smaller devices such as the iPhone or iPod yet and it is available on Android Tablets as well.

Memory LaneThe Memory Lane game is designed to improve memory while having fun. It is the first of the Edutainment series to be released on both all iOS (Apple) mobile devices, but also Android mobile devices. Whether you play the Roundabout or Bump ‘n Seek you will constantly be trying to get that memory score higher and higher showing that your ability to retain and build memory skills is improving. Maybe this should be the first thing you do in the morning to get your mind working at top speed before you start your day.

 With five full games out on both of the major mobile platforms you can see that YOBSN Games are a major player, especially considering the revolutionary quality of these games as verified by our testers. And these games are exclusive to YOBSN Members and exclusively available from YOBSN Games. While most of these games are close to final release, players are telling us they are ready right now, but we are still polishing the final details.

Keep an eye out for a preview of the new title, Cave of Treasures. This will be the favorite of puzzle solver, inspired by wildly successful games like “Cut the Rope” (but with its own very unique game play and challenges), for those who love to figure out motion and puzzle games.  Of course the graphics will be of the highest quality in the gaming industry just like the other YOBSN Game releases. There are also two more very exciting games that we’ll be sharing with you soon. For our huge artwork and game programming team, over a year of preperation and dilligent work is coming to fruition as numerous exclusive games are being released.

For those of you who still do not have your own copy of the games on your mobile devices, get going now. Take the 90 Day Full Force Challenge and get accepted by demonstrating that you are taking action to demonstrate YOBSN and spread the YOBSN Story.

The feedback that we receive from our testers has been shared with our development team and the feedback has been absolutely awesome! They are helping to create these wonderful games. We love hearing the stories of children who are setting down their XBox controllers to play our games on Mobile instead. There is so much effort, care and passion involved in the creation of these games and all the wonderful feedback, pictures and videos mean the world to us! We want everyone to be part of this rollout as we race forward to put all YOBSN Mobile software into everyone’s hands.



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In the picture you see starting from left to right:

1. iPod 5G – YOBSN Mobile
2. Android Note – Ultra Spaceball
3. iPad mini – Discovery Adventure Game
4. Android Note – Bubble Champion
5. iPad Air – Run Bunny Run

Games with actual rewards and High Definition Graphics coming to all Apple and Android devices.

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Yes finally a refreshing Social Page that you enjoy to go to. YOBSN is new technology that is really lovely to see on the internet. These days the internet is sometimes not such a pleasant place to go and more and more parents are worried about their children and what implications it will have on them in the coming years.

I find that after visiting all the other pages on the net such as facebook, twitter etc it is very refreshing and rewarding to go back to YOBSN. The sort of people you meet and make friends with seem to be a unique breed, one that feels like family. Everyone has regard for everyone else and very supportive.

Not only is the community wonderful but the amount of free resources one can use is amazing.

Free members have access to all this for FREE and at the same time get rewarded for using and sharing it with social points. No company on the internet is being this generous.

The business opportunity that is given to us all with this is IS like none other. No where on the net can you actually design YOUR social page to enhance your business. The advertising capabilities have never been done before. If businesses are not on the internet today you just don’t succeed so it is very important to be there and be seen. But the brick wall everyone hits is that you can’t seem to get the traffic to your site. There are so many people out there selling you ideas for more traffic that it is all so confusing and then all it is doing is spamming innocent peoples blogs or email boxes. I for one don’t like it and don’t need to stoop so low. With YOBSN it is completely different. It has it’s own inbuilt list building capability that you don’t have to worry about.

Income. That word that everyone is thinking about More Income. Let’s face it, we all need it to survive or you end up living on the streets. There is no reason that some-one can’t have all that they want, you only have to believe. I believe that YOBSN is going to be the savior of many and has already proved that in Malaysia and South Africa to name a few. Smart Media the company that has created YOBSN is a very generous company giving back to it’s members. It believes that if are willing to use and share their free product then you should be rewarded for it.

You will find that YOBSN is great to market your home based business, your niche market product, your church, your charity, your business, your club. It helps everyone make money. Simply give the free product to your members or staff or clients and your business starts to grow.

Any serious Network Marketer or MLM will see the huge potential that is within the pay structure of YOBSN. Never seen before are the 16 pay levels to infinity and in saying that the common person like you and me with no experience can do it. Oh I’ve been in 7 different companies over the years but knew I’d never get anywhere with them as their pay structure was only designed for one up line to really achieve but with YOBSN everyone really helps everyone achieve and you really want to help your down and up line. Income is paid to infinity and no matter who is working it all benefits each other.

In other companies you always had a product to buy and sell, you would have to spend x amount a month yourself so all your profits went into product. With YOBSN it is different you just share a free home page that has so many resources that everyone will want to use, including children and everyone gets rewarded.

How much better is FREE? Yes you do have to purchases a YOBSN to be able to make money, but when you see how in just 3 shares you can get your money back +, there is no risk.

Now imagine if you had been at the beginning of facebook all those years ago, back then everyone said it would never work, look now, you may not be on facebook but everyone sure knows what it is. Now imagine if you had joined at the beginning of facebook AND they had paid you all these years. Shared their billions of dollars of revenue with its members. How rich would you be today?

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Setting up your own business today is a bigger risk than any and in the global recession that is hitting people are very wary.

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