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YOBSN privacy

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Uncategorized

YOBSN has the best privacy in the world.

Whatever you put on YOBSN will never be found anywhere on the net by any search engine.

Can you imagine the power of this for companies?

No more privacy breaches.

This would not happen on YOBSN!!!

Two million passwords have been stolen, compromising accounts at Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo and others. Learn more about the massive data breach:

This is happening everyday not only on facebook but on all internet transactions.

YOBSN is unique. If you need to have major privacy with YOUR company or business, come join YOBSN.

You can join for free at Check out the email and chat system, the blogs, the discussion groups the games the University full of teaching videos. Whether you have members that need to learn english or better their maths, it is all free in YOBSN. Check it out and be amazed.


If you have lots of members that will be joining your YOBSN it is worth your joining for a small fee and make money from all your free members. To see more about this go to



Home Page Pays was a great name when Smart Media was Marketing a home page. However, Smart Media has evolved that concept to an entirely new level that opens the world  in a way Smart Media could not have imagined a year or two ago; the world of owning Your own personal Social Network that you can brand and through which you can sell all kinds of products.

Stop and think about that for a moment!

Now imagine inviting hundreds or thousands of Free Members to your social network….  your YOBSN. Smart Media incentivise every Free Member to bring in many more Free Members. This grows YOUR social network because ALL those Free Members roll up into YOUR database!

You cannot yet imagine the number of ways you will be able to earn income from your Free Member network.

YOBSN is growing everyday, with new additions and updates every week.

9 places to brand and advertise your business, more places for free members to earn reward points and so much more.

YOBSN is quickly becoming the next big social page on the internet. The Chat, Chirp and email system surpassing anything else on the internet.

More and more businesses coming to realize how powerful this page is for marketing their products, with its built in list building and income generator.

How would you like to see money coming in for just using and sharing this wonderful page. When your free users use your branded page you make money. When you share the page you make money. It’s so easy its childs play.


1. FREE MEMBERS can register and use the benefits of the Home Page Pays system for FREE for life with NO obligations. PLUS they will receive Smart Points and additional chances to win gifts and prizes. FREE members can upgrade to become a Representative Member at any time.

2. REPRESENTATIVE MEMBERS may purchase a Branding Product Package called YOBSN Your Own Branded Social Network, which provides special give-away rights to an UNLIMITED number of value-packed Home Page Pays systems. For the business or organisation, this includes a “top-of-mind” awareness Branding System, an Advertising System, a viral List-Building System and a Free Member Reward Program. Additionally, they are able to purchase Pay Per Click Advertising Packages, enabling them to advertise to all Smart Media Members internationally, nationally or locally. PLUS it enables them to earn from the various income streams shared through our revenue sharing program.

it is a technology company whose business model is the same as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc., except we share the revenue with our Free Members (in the form of Smart Points and great prizes) and Representative Members in the form of income, Smart Points and great prizes.

Smart Media’s mission is to promote social responsibility and enable our global members to be a part of social change; to bring financial security and a paradigm shift in education to people around the world. We are the only “Caused-Based Social Community”.

Watch this short video on what YOBSN is

For more information go to

Timing in any business is everything. Competition is also a huge worry for a lot businesses. Business security another issue on todays internet.

Timing with YOBSN is now, now before our free members get access to their YOBSN.

Buy your YOBSN licence, set up your page and get your position in now before it takes off like a bushfire. Tell your friends before they tell you. The right time is now, never to be repeated. Do you want to miss out?

There is no competition when it comes to our YOBSN. New technology never seen before, spam free, the most secure email, chat and chirp system every seen. Great for companies and in a world where everyone is getting hacked, spammed and business files being compromised YOBSN is a must.

YOBSN, Your Own Branded Social Network. Brand you or your business. 10 different places to advertise you or your business.

Build your own Network Business by giving away your free Branded Social Network.

Free YOBSN is full of value for either the Free or Ultimate member.


Reward Points – Reward Shop

Avatar System

Discussion Groups

Free Products

Free Software,

1000’s of free videos, movies

Free Education videos and information

Win Prizes

So much value with this Free Product.

See how YOBSN can be your own branded social network in this short video:

Check out the business at or


to start earning your reward points and enjoy a great social page full of value and prizes to win.

YOBSN is going to be everyone’s best friend. Not only making you lots of money but giving you value.

The community that seems to be building on YOBSN is one of respect. Something sadly lacking in todays online activities. We are community out to help each other and only wish the best for everyone. We have people out in 3rd world countries spreading the work of YOBSN and helping them to rid themselves of poverty. YOBSN is going to be the saviour for the world at this difficult time.

David Martin our CEO and founder has made a home page that everyone can benefit from whether free or an Ultimate Member. No one can lose.  Rewards beyond your imagination. Anyone, anywhere can do it. What this man has shared is going to share with the world is going to far exceed those that any other internet company has done.

You’re probably wondering what I’m rambling on about. This home page that pays is so generous and complex that there is no way I can explain it to you. I have videos on my website that explain what an Ultimate member is entitled to and what a FREE member gets. Do you yourself a favour and check it out. Listen to the videos and then if you still want to know more, simply click on the more information button, this will take you to a page with all the information on all  you want to know and if you still want questions answered please email me , my contact details on my web or join my free page and you can email me in the most secure email system created.

See how YOBSN can be your own branded social network in this short video:

Check out the business at or


to start earning your reward points and enjoy a great social page full of value and prizes to win.

Today you have the chance to be part of this new technology in social media, and make a significant income just by sharing it with others. Share it just like you do today with your Facebook and Twitter pages. The major difference is YOBSN pays you to share it with others, rewards the free members you have shared it with and has so many features within the page for you to use, the value is invaluable. Facebook and Twitter do not share one cent with you. 

See how YOBSN can be your own branded social network in this short video:

Check out the business at or


to start earning your reward points and enjoy a great social page full of value and prizes to win.

Yes, some of us call it this. YOBSN is going to be the biggest free money making machine ever offered on the internet.

By simply giving people your own branded social network page you and they will make money. How does it work you ask.

Simply download the free home page, enjoy all the free features, chat, chirp, email, discussion groups, movies, music, blogging, news,  the free products available to download, the learn how to videos on Excel, Word, WordPress, twitter, facebook, and much more. The games, The prizes, The Smart Points, The first reward shop to spend your point in, your top sites section and so much more.

As a an Ultimate member you can make money from all the free uses you have given this free home page too. How good is that? Make money for giving away a free product.

Earn up to 16 income streams if you so desire the choice is yours.

See how YOBSN can be your own branded social network in this short video:

Check out the business at or


to start earning your reward points and enjoy a great social page full of value and prizes to win.