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YOBSN, Your Own Social Network. Imagine being able to have your own social network group , niche, business, organization or group whether sporting organization, church group, knitting group, real estate business, Computer IT group, School,  whatever and have all your members join for free and see YOUR YOBSN page. Image the advertising, discussion, videos etc you put on your page for all of them to see. And the bonus is when they join for free and you all discuss, chat, click on ads, or buy, you earn money, they earn reward points, everyone wins. But more importantly you are able to brand yourself, your business or your group. Think about that and the power of it. By simply giving away a social page to all your members or friends that they are going to love using, the resources, the games, the videos, the library and much much more. A page with immense value that everyone will want to use it.

Short video on what YOBSN is:

See how YOBSN can be your own branded social network in this short video:

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to start earning your reward points and enjoy a great social page full of value and prizes to win.